Match Race At Piedmont on August 10th

We’ll be match racing Jim Dickey in his wild altered coming up on Saturday August 10th at Piedmont Dragway just north of Greensboro, NC. The Extreme Pursuit Altered will face off against Jim Dickey’s car in two races, with the quickest car going up against a Pro-mod in a third round. Should be wild if you’re in the area.
Piedmont 2013

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Zmax this weekend!!!

We are all teched in and ready to race this weekend at Zmax Dragway


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New Facebook page and more

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We’ll be at Eastside Speedway in Waynesboro, VA this weekend for the rain date makeup of the Easter Funny Car Showdown.  Hope to see some fans out there.

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Early season race report

Here are the flyers for our first two Match Races we have scheduled for this year.  Just like always, we’ll be at the Easter Funny Car Shootout at Eastside Dragway on Sunday March 31st.  It’s a six car show with three wild and crazy altereds, and three alcohol funny cars.  The Shooting Star team will be out as the Extreme Pursuit Police Car for this show.


Then on Saturday May 4th we have a two car Alcohol Match race at Union County Dragway in Union, SC.



Right now we plan on being at the NHRA 4-Wide at Zmax Dragway April 19th-21st as well.   Hope to see some of our fans out at the races this year.

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September Racing News

The Shooting Star Funny Car team will be on display at O’Reilly Auto Parts on Church St. in Concord NC Tuesday Sept. 11th 11am-2:30pm. Come on by and say hello to the boys.
The team will be competing in the O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Nationals at ZMAX Dragway in Concord, NC Sept. 14th-16th. We hope to see you there!
Our next race after the Nationals will be the Mopar Madness show at Virginia Motorsports Park, Petersburg VA. on Sept 22.
It is a busy month and we look forward to seeing all of our fans over the next few weeks.

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August dates at Zmax Dragway and the CMS Parade of Power

We will have the Funny Car on display this weekend (August 4th) at the ADRL Dragstock event at ZMAX Dragway.  They’ll be running the 1/8th mile Pro-Mods, Mountain Motor Pro-Stocks, 10.5 Outlaws and the Drag Bikes.  Should be some wild 1/8th mile action, stop by and see us if you’re at the track.


We’ll also be at the Parade of Power for the second year in a row on August 8th at 12pm.   The parade starts at Concord Mills and runs down Bruton Smith Blvd to the speedway.  We’ll have the Nitro Generation Funny Car out on display at the mall, then we’ll tow it down to the track along with Doug Herbert’s Top Fuel Car, Erica Ender’s Pro Stock Car along with several NASCAR’s and probably some Monster Trucks and Dirt Track cars.  This was a lot of fun last year and if you can make it out its a great chance to see some cars up close.

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Match Race at Piedmont Dragway June 16th

The Extreme Pursuit Altered will be out at Piedmont Dragway’s Thunder Jam on Saturday June 16th. Should be a wild show with Bill taking on Jim Dickey’s “My Favorite Charity” 23 T in a two car Altered Shoot out. They also plan on having a Jet dragster out at the track as well as a Grave Digger versus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Monster truck drag race (It will be interesting to see that)

More info at:  Piedmont Dragway

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Easter 2012 at Eastside Speedway

Story from Jagger Naves:

  • Eastside Dragways SUPERCHARGER Showdown on Easter Sunday was another AMAZING in Waynesboro Virginia!

    With roughly 5,000 spectators on hand to witness the showdown, SIX MONSTER Earth Shakers did everything they could to give them what they wanted!

    The legendary Bunny Burkett opened things up in her Dodge Avenger Funny Car, lined up with the current track record holder Jim Dickey and his “My Favorite Charity” 23′t Altered. After Bunny’s 1/8th mile burnout out, she took the win light with a smooth 4.13 to squeak by Dickey’s tire shaking, but still very impressive 4.25!

    Next pair up featured Bunny’s 2nd Dodge Avenger bodied Funny Car piloted by her Godson Gary “LB” Pritchett. Gary is no stranger to Eastside as he is the 2011 SuperCharger Showdown Champion! He would be thundering along side the Awesome “BUZZ KILL” 38′ Fiat owned and driven by Delbert White out of Windsor, NC. Delbert went into slight tire shake and then got back in it but could not chase down LB’s smashing 4.17!

    Last pair of the round was a real treat for the fans. Tony Cannoy’s beautiful 2001 Pontiac Trans am bodied Funny Car would be in the other lane of the debut of Bill and Kimberley Naves’ 34′ Coupe Nostalgia Funny Car “Extreme Pursuit”. The look on the crowd’s faces were awesome! As the two rolled into the water box, Naves beast came to life not only as the motor awakened, but when “Extreme Pursuit” LIT up with Flashing Blue/Red/White lights on the roof, on the sides and in the rear of the body! If that wasn’t enough, as Naves brought her in for the burnout…… The siren mounted on the rear of the chassis SCREAMED as he lit the tires up! Cannoy was out first but both cars ran into tire shake with Naves taking the worst. Cannoy took the wind with a 4.57 as Naves slowed to a 6.25.

    This two round match race was no set. The two low ET’s of first round would be held back in the second round and meet as the “Final”. That would be a fitting final round as the Mentor, Bunny Burkett would try and teach Student, LB Pritchett another lesson!

    First up in round two would be Cannoy’s Mad Scientist -vs- White’s 38′ Fiat “Buzz Kill”. The two turned it up with HUGE side by side burnouts! At the hit it was Cannoy out first and he never looked back! Both cars pedaling to a side by side 4.35 (Cannoy) to a 4.43 (White)! It was a WILDE pedal fest and the crowd shoed their appreciation!

    2nd pair featured Jim Dickey’s 23′t against fan favorite Naves and hi 38′ Coupe! Side by side burnouts were completed as Naves Flashing Lights and Siren again captured the crowd! Both machines were staged and screaming! At the HIT Naves went into violent tire shake, but that was NOT the case for Jim Dickey! “My Favorite Charity” Thundered down the 1/8th mile drag strip to low ET of the meet 4.02! Just one hundredth off the track record of a 4.01 owned by Dickey himself. It was another great pairing!

    Last up was our “Final” for the evening. Bunny Burkett -vs- “LB” Pritchett. The two seemed to be as one with side by side 1/8th mile burnouts! The two backed up and the fans were on their feet! After exchanging throttle slaps on the starting line the two rolled in! LB is an Assassin on the starting line and didn’t let us down here! With a .034 light LB was out on Bunny and Mentor by more than a 10th and a half! But Bunny wasn’t throwing in the towel! She was more than up for the challenge and drove her Dodge Avenger around LB in the lights running the 2nd quickest pass of the event with a 4.05 to LB’s stout 4.31! It was an amazing finish for an outstanding show!

    We want to thank Tim Southern, the Gores, and the entire Eastside Dragway team for a great track that held a great event! We hope to be back at Eastside in 2012 for their Annual Nostalgia show!

    ESE also wants to thank the Fans, the drivers, and our great stable of Earth Shakers. The event was fantastic!

And a couple of pictures of the Extreme Pursuit Altered in Action

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Quick peek at Zmax

I have a ton of photos to sift thru from Zmax, we were there from Wednesday till Sunday and even had a Salisbury Post photographer with us on Friday ( I hope we can get some of her photos, they look amazing)   I’m just going to post a couple of the good ones in this post till I can go thru them.  Had a fun weekend showing off the Nitro Generation Funny Car.  We made one run Friday that was a solid 6.01  @ 225 mph.  But we did a little damage to the engine and spent the rest of the weekend getting it ready for the Divisional race in Virgina next weekend.   Our pass was good enough to make the field, so we did qualify.  The car spent Sunday out in front of Nitro Alley so all the fans could see it and it was a huge hit.  Tons of photographs taken and autographs given.

And a video of his Friday pass:

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Recent Press

We’ve been in the news lately on a couple of different places. The local Salisbury, NC newspaper did an article on us for the recent 4-Wide Nationals at Zmax.

Salisbury Post Article

They also had a photographer follow us around at the 4-Wide on Friday. (We have some updates coming very soon about the Easter Show and the 4-Wide)

Friday Salisbury Post Photos

And finally a quick article on Dragzine about our new Fuel Altered

Dragzine Article

Again, I promise we have some updates coming about our Easter Match race in the new Altered and the weekend at Zmax. Stay tuned.

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